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"Life Without The Environmental Subsidy"  Farm Field Day

In association with Rabobank , the Organic Dairy Producers Group presents this information day with farm consultant Phyllis Tichinin and soil scientist Graham Shepherd 

Location: Peel View Farm Ltd , 793 Peel Forest Road , Geraldine 

Date: Thursday October 12th, 2017

Time: 9.15am - 3pm

Lunch is provided    

Registrations of interest to Bryan Clearwater, email  

Outline of the day:

- Phyllis will open the day with a short overview of where the market for Organic Food is at and where it is going, along with

  • how to increase humus and decrease leachate 
  • what soluble fert does to the soil biome
  • local examples of Biological fertiliser programmes increasing production and fertility while decreasing leachate and lamenes
  • the challenges processors face with fertiliser contaminating milk MUN PKE and mycotoxins 

- Morning tea will follow

- After morning tea, Graham will discuss

  • the 38 fold increase in the use of Urea ,
  • why band aid solutions do not address the causes of farm pollution to waterways 
  • the impact of an oversupply of N and P
  •  4 ways to efficiently apply N 
  •  why plant uptake efficiency is key i.e. kgs/ms/ kg N leached 

- After lunch over a fast track VSA, Graham will connect all the dots with how soil management reflects what we see, what we earn, and what we leave for the wider community.  Soil tests , soil foodweb results and brix readings will complete the picture.

Living Earth Compost from Christchurch will be featured as one of the options available to local farmers.

All ODPG members and newbys welcome.  

Registrations of interest to Bryan Clearwater, email 

Later Event: March 5
Dr Paul Dettloff