Minerals - Biology - Plants and Energies are what make up Soil Dynamics. Creating on Farm Fertility is about getting all of those dimensions of your soil working together.

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What is Biological Farming?

Soil Dynamics is about utilising your on farm resources to create a soil that delivers exact plant nutrition at the right time. A soil that needs only minimal inputs and that is to a large extent self-regenrating.

Why is Compost so Important?

We believe that most soil fertility can be managed within the farm boundary. However, this takes a dedicated effort and understanding of your soil and growing environment and our soil products can help you along the way.

What is Best Practice Farming?

Best farming practices vary greatly with each farm. Soil type, climate, farm history and personal style determine how a farmer will approach and develop their farm practices.

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For the last twenty-seven years we have lived with bags of seeds in every cupboard, drawer and corner of every place we have lived. As a ninth generation seed merchant, Jenny is endowed with seed saving in her genes.

The Cyclone Multi-Task in action

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