At Chaos Springs, we live and breathe composting and soil fertility. Our compost and soil products and workshops are designed to help you enhance your soil's performance, and bring maximum health benefits to plants, soil and people.


Composting and soil fertility workshops and products

We believe that most soil fertility can be managed within the farm boundary. However this takes a dedicated effort and understanding of your soil and growing environment.  Our composting and soil fertility workshops can help you develop those skills and understandings.  

We also make and sell our own organic compost, and we sell a small range of composting equipment to help you create your own high performing organic compost and enhance your soil's performance.  Check out these links for more information:

Healthy soil, plant growth and compost.

Chaos Springs Organic Compost 

Our certified organic compost is made from a wide range of organic materials and naturally processed to create the highest possible micro-organism numbers. Regularly verified by Soil Foodweb labs, we believe we offer the finest compost in New Zealand. We supply compost to farmers and growers from Dargaville to Dunedin. The exceptional results are well known.

Our compost is a result of 30 years as commercial growers and compost makers. Unlike many industrial composting operations we are not waste managers. We specifically combine the best possible materials for maximum biological benefit to the soil and plant.

But that is only the beginning - the process we use is just as important as the ingredients. We monitor each compost pile carefully to ensure correct temperature cycles and moisture content. This results in a superior soil amendment to fuel your soils biological engine.

You can order our organic compost and we will send it to anywhere within NZ - choose from 10 litre, 60 litre, or 600 litre quantities.   Click on the image below to head to our shop where you can learn more, and place an order.

Or contact us to enquire about buying and picking up your compost directly from Chaos Springs.

Some of the ingredients we use in our compost include:

  • Wood chip from poplar, willow, casuarina, avocado, pine and others

  • Plant extracts, seawater and kelp for organism foods

  • Fine ground minerals

  • Pasture from our farm

  • Animal manures from our farm and other biological producers

  • Biodynamic preparations for energy balancing


Compost Thermometers

We use REOTEMP compost thermometers for monitoring our compost piles, and we also import and sell them direct to you. Click on the images below to learn more, and order your own compost thermometer for delivery to anywhere within NZ.  Choose from either the backyard model, the heavy duty model, or the heavy duty model with an added fast response tip.  Please note, although the images are of the Farenheit models, we sell the Celsius models.

ComposTex Compost Covers

We use the amazing ComposTex breathable, polypropolene compost covers to protect and help regulate our compost piles, and as a really effective weed suppressing cover for our garden beds.  Click on the image below to head to our shop to learn more, and order ComposTex by the metre.


Biogro Certified Farm

We are a Biogro Certified Farm so everything we do on our farm is certified by Biogro to the highest standard.