Cyclone Multi-Task Vineyard Sprayer

Cyclone Vineyard Sprayer.jpeg
Cyclone Vineyard Sprayer.jpeg

Cyclone Multi-Task Vineyard Sprayer


With an overall width of only 1.2 metres, the new (as of March 2017) narrow profile Cyclone Vineyard Sprayer will fit in nearly any orchard or vineyard.

It can be built with a 700 litre tank (shown here) or the larger 1200 litre tank. All of the great features and options of our other Cyclone Multi-Task Sprayers are available on this new model.

Contact us for more information on this great new addition to our Cyclone family.

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The Cyclone Multi-Task range varies in price, depending on the options you choose.  Please fill in this form, or contact us by phone or email to talk about your needs, and the options available to you.

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